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The World's ONLY In-Line PL Counter VREO Blue

Announcing the Innovative VREO In-Line PL Counter For shrimp – The ONLY PL counter to count your entire PL stock in one go! At the special launch Price of $4,995 US


Product Highlights

  • Provides total Count (not a sample count)
  • Automatic Counting
  • Counts from PL5 – PL30
  • Integrates into your Process Flow
  • +98% Accurate
  • Innovative Technology
  • Robust & Easy to Use
  • Recommended by leading aqua-culturists

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Count your entire PL stock in one go! why choose us?

Farms know the Total Count of Incoming PL

VREO's Shrimp PL Counter is specifically designed for shrimp farms and hatcheries. For shrimp farms the product is aimed at counting the freshly delivered PL as they are transferred to their normal quarantine storage container. For hatcheries, count your outgoing PL before putting it in the transportation bag – this way you can guarantee a minimum number of PL to your customers.

Integrate into your Quarantine Process

The PL Counter is placed on top of the quarantine tank and the PL are poured through an opening at the top of the device. The PL flow through the device and drop into the quarantine tank in a controlled stream. As they pass through they are counted using VREO's patent pending optical interferometry technology. Counts are displayed on the built in touchscreen display.

Know your Mortality Rate

Multiple bags can be poured through the device without resetting, thus a total quantity of PL in the quarantine tank is established. Knowing the number of PL coming into the farm is the first step in process control. Comparing these figures to eventual output allows calculation of mortality rate.

Quantifying Aquaculture Why Choose Us?

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