Our Story

VREO is a vision technology company specialising in ethical technology applications across a range of sectors within the blue economy. We also have expertise in developing miniature cameras and video interfaces within blue economy applications and beyond.

Our mission is to create ethical products for the shrimp aquaculture sector. Our commitment is to invest in developing innovative products that encourage sustainability and ethical practise and support shrimp farmers & hatcheries in making their operations as efficient as possible.

VREO sells its products globally through established distributors, agents and direct to customers in 19 countries.


The Facts

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Our Philosophy

VREO focus on vision based system solutions to solve real world problems. We employ an ethical technology selection process where we choose to work on projects that improve our environment or enhance the world we live in. From supporting the renewable energy sector to technology that aims to impact depleting food stocks. The company is fast paced and will develop products rapidly using the latest techniques and a highly cooperative inclusive team approach with strong leadership. VREO are not afraid to enter new markets and aim to create a competitive edge via strong design and understanding of customer and market needs.

Why Choose Us?

We do what is best for our customers by focusing on their needs. We try to understand their business and how they work so that we can support them in the best way.

We strive to be honest with our customers and keep them informed even if things have not gone as smoothly as we would have liked.

We are innovative not only in design but in how we work also. VREO has invested in an SMT production line allowing us to iterate rapidly reducing our development cycle.

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