Stay ahead of your competition

We have spent the last eight months researching the shrimp farming sector, we have talked to shrimp farmers & hatcheries across the world, both large and small. We’ve asked lots of questions and listened to your responses. From all the feedback, what is clear is there is not a product on the market that really meets your need to count the entire PL stock (whether you are a hatchery selling to shrimp farms or a shrimp farm buying in PL). We’ve been incredibly busy and developed IP protected technology that meets this need.

Markets and Applications

  • Shrimp Hatcheries
  • Shrimp Farms
  • Universities and Research Institutes

Choose Your Product

Our very first product to market is the VREO In-Line PL Counter. It is specifically designed for both Shrimp farms & hatcheries. We have two unique versions, as follows: